A Japanese clothing brand, specializing in heavy denim jeans, jackets, vests and shirts. Whilst our heritage is rooted in the Japanese motorcycle community, our specialist Japanese denims are highly coveted around the world by the most discerning aficionados. As such, we have grown to be loved and worn by bikers and non-bikers alike, with a fierce passion for stylish, durable, ethically manufactured clothing of the highest quality.

To accompany our denims, range extends to canvas and leather jackets and vests, and a choice of shirts in denim, chambray and other fabrics, including our prized UHF (Ultra-Heavy Flannel) western and work shirts.

We design and create jewellery, leather belts, wallets and other Iron Heart essentials to make your clothing sing. On top of that we also offer gift vouchers in multiple amounts. And we partner with a few carefully selected brands of note that complement the Iron Heart ethos of classic styling and superlative quality.