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About this piece, we’ve got stories of grandeur and tales of great, but who needs all that when the simple answer is ‘try one on and you’ll understand’.

The Model 10 is the flagship piece by no accident or trickery. It’s the result of my single-minded journey to make the best. This bracelet is the perfect combination of old world craftsmanship and technical prowess. We’re in our 30th year making jewelry and this is the third iteration of this piece since it first rolled out almost 20 years ago. The evolution has been slight, making changes only where technology allowed us to advance the quality. And after all these years the greatest achievement around this bracelet has been to make it look effortless.

It all started with the A size in the Hollywood Hills, some crude toils and blind ambition. It was more than a year before I worked other variants. It’s difficult to describe the scale of something like this so I’ll put it like this, the A size model 10 is the gold standard and perfectly proportioned chunky bracelet. If you’re after something larger or smaller, we make other sizes... but this one is very Goldielocks for most.

Sizing Guide

When sizing, measure your wrist with a soft measuring tape down low and snug, not tight. That's the number. Please fight the temptation to measure other things, especially other bracelets... just the wrist, that's all we need.

Centimeters to inches, and to comparable size:

  • 15-16 cm = 5.9-6.3 in. = XS 
  • 16-17 cm = 6.3-6.7 in. = S
  • 17-18 cm = 6.7-7.1 in. = M
  • 18-19 cm = 7.1-7.5 in. = L
  • 19-20 cm = 7.5-7.9 in. = XL

If you need a different size, please contact us at

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