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Isaia Printed Denim Shirt Fano Fit Dark Blue

Isaia Printed Denim Shirt Fano Fit Dark Blue

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Define your look before someone else does it for you.

Each ISAIA dress shirt takes an individual craftsman over two hours to produce. From vetting the fabric and balancing the patterns to hand-sewing the collars and button-holes, we celebrate our rich sartorial heritage and integrity with every stitch.

With a trimmer sleeve, high armhole and more compact shoulder-to-shoulder fit, our Mix shirt body has a more contemporary silhouette.

  • Leuca collar, clean back, clean placket, dull cuff
  • Hand-stitched collar, set at 60/90 degrees to prevent slipping
  • Removable collar stays to prevent impressions or shinning when pressed
  • Basted, hand-sewn armhole for freedom of movement and a clean 360-degree silhouette
  • Made in Italy
  • Hand-cut and -sewn buttonholes
  • Hand-stitched tab at sleeve gauntlet and side vents to prevent tearing
  • Mother-of-pearl buttons, hand-applied with coral stitching detail
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