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Merz B Schwanen

Merino Cashmere Blend Relaxed Fit Vest - Chestnut

Merino Cashmere Blend Relaxed Fit Vest - Chestnut

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Vests are timeless and especially versatile!
Depending on your look, it can be cool, nifty, elegant — whatever you go for, it's always good! The German word for this piece is 'Pullunder' - but let's be honest, with the right look, it's undoubtedly a 'COOLunder '. Joking aside: the high-quality blend of merino wool and cashmere is soft, comfy, and sustainable. Pair it with your favorite Merz b. Schwanen long sleeve, an oversized T-shirt or light sweatshirt and set an exclamation mark in terms of a real street style look!


  • merino-cashmere blend
  • 90% merino wool | 10% cashmere
  • sturdy and rustic optics
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