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This tiny handmade chain punches above its weight class. This is one of those studies in doing what you want instead of what's fiscally clever. This is a small link to cast and make by hand, I knew it was going to be a laborious chain to make. The vast majority of small chains are made by machines with high tolerances and low cost... pushing sterile links of pseudo-aesthetics from their bottom holes. That's just not what I was after with this piece. Or ever.

No half-measures.

Pequeño a Mano means small by hand. Our ethos with regard to technology is that we employ it first where the benefit is in quality. Quality of the product as well as quality of life for everyone at the company. Oftentimes the best result calls for the lo-tech laborious nature of hand work. Well this is a decidedly lo-tech piece by design. I wanted to make it by hand, I was looking for the slightest hand-hewed feel to the finished chain. A slight grit that comes from the hand that made it. And as often is with pieces like this, its got so many links it's actually meditative building one.
Sterling silver.

Handmade in L.A.


21" = 53.34 cm

24" = 60.96 cm

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