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Porter Force Day Pack Gray

Porter Force Day Pack Gray

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It is a gray color of the popular series "PORTER FORCE".

This is a military-style series “PORTER FORCE” with the motif of accidental fabric color differences found in military equipment.

The biggest feature is that there is a slight color difference between the fabric of the front pocket and the fabric of the bag body, making it look like you are using fabrics of different lots. There are rare products in military wear and bags that have different colors in some fabrics, and this series was made with the irregular color scheme that was born by chance.

The outer material is a fabric for industrial materials woven with 210 denier 6 nylon strong yarn. This fabric is originally used for the base fabric of rubber boats that are not supposed to be dyed, but it has a more military feel with the aim of creating a unique luster and a rugged impression of vertical streaks caused by dyeing. Is expressed.

In the image of the lining of a military jacket, the interior is orange, which is an emergency color, and ripstop nylon is quilted. Nylon tape used for key points uses up to 4 types (4 colors) depending on the item, creating a realistic military feel. With the exception of some items, the interior pocket is removable and can be used as a stand-alone pouch.


Outside: Nylon ox (Acrylic coating)

Inside: Nylon ripstop (Acrylic coating and quilted)


All sizes in CM

Wide 35
Height 45
Depth 12
*With Laptop Pocket





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