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Porter Heat Tote Bag Rectangular Black

Porter Heat Tote Bag Rectangular Black

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The "HEAT" series features a rugged and stylish design that combines two different materials with excellent durability and water resistance.

Since the announcement of the 2001 A / W series, we have added items that match the lifestyle of the times, and have a rich lineup that can be used by a wide range of people from business bags to small items.

The main material is varistor nylon made in Japan woven with 66 nylon threads, which are also used for car airbags and bulletproof vests and have excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and tear strength. A part of it is made of highly water resistant tarpaulin fabric, which is used as an industrial material. Although it is a one-tone black color, it is finished in a stylish design with contrast by combining fabrics with different textures.

It is also a point to adopt PALS (Pulse / Pouch Attachment Ladder System) that can attach pouches and small items by adding military gimmicks everywhere and sewing nylon tape at regular intervals. A D-can and a double ring are also attached to the main body so that you can coordinate your small items with a carabiner or wallet chain.

Thick nylon tape woven with high density is placed at key points on the bag body to give it a three-dimensional silhouette that prevents the fabric from sagging and provides good handling.

All models except the pouch and wallet come with a removable key chain made of soft leather and a maglite engraved with PORTER. (* Maglite comes with a warranty card, key chain, battery, and attention, and is put together in a special case.)


Outside: Ballistic nylon ox (urethane coating)

Inside: 500D Polyester ox (acrylic coating)

Part: Tarpaulin


All sizes in CM

Wide 38
Height 38
Depth 18



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