The Gigi is a new project of Pierluigi "Gigi" and Mario Boglioli. This is an exclusive brand that carries pieces which were created with lots of hand-made techniques, with the use of ultra comfortable and soft materials. Proud of past achievements, but with eyes set firmly on the future, The Gigi's motto, "DON'T LOOK BACK' is stitched into each of his designs.
17 results
The Gigi Angie F022 750
$15,550.00 MXN
The Gigi Clive F853 700
$6,150.00 MXN
The Gigi Degas F013 750
$18,400.00 MXN
The Gigi Degas F035B 650
$18,400.00 MXN
The Gigi Degas/A F207 700
$23,400.00 MXN
The Gigi Jude F852 750
$12,200.00 MXN
The Gigi Moorea F804 750
$3,950.00 MXN
The Gigi Tonga F705 100
$5,950.00 MXN
The Gigi Tonga F705 700
$5,950.00 MXN
The Gigi Tonga F713 800
$6,550.00 MXN
The Gigi Velvet F039 200
$18,400.00 MXN
The Gigi Ziggi F104 700
$17,550.00 MXN
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