Our Brands

Timeless pieces curated by our expert #SilverDeer team. Discover our collection of brands below.

  • Lardini

    talian elegance meets contemporary sophistication in their curated pieces, blending tradition with innovation. With a focus on quality, artistry, and sustainability, Lardini captivates global audiences with its timeless style.

  • Alessandro Gherardi

    Alessandro Gherardi's blends artisanal craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, to annually produce over 500,000 high-quality "100% made in Italy

  • Unimatic

    Unimatic is an Italian brand that focuses on merging design with the highest technology and offering different models that offer style and functionality.

  • Iron Heart

    Blending heritage craftsmanship with modern innovation, Iron Heart offers rugged garments renowned for durability and style. Each piece reflects a perfect balance of tradition and cutting-edge design.