Our Brands

Timeless pieces curated by our expert #SilverDeer team. Discover our collection of brands below.


    Where quality connects with the art of slow living. Seven Fold is a Japanese accessories brand inspired by the colors, durability and calmness of the Italian manufacturing industry.

  • DS & DURGA

    Born out of love and a deep passion for life, this Brooklyn-based fragrance brand has created a collection of scents that bring the imagination to life. Each creation personifies a mood or a memory, leaving a memorable touch to everyone who wears it.


    Since its beginnings in 1884, The Alden Shoe Company remains the only authentic New England shoemaker, upholding genuine-welted shoemaking as a cherished family tradition.


    Barena Venezia, a family-owned company, redefines casual elegance by blending sartorial fabrics with Venice's rural heritage, embodying a fabric-first innovative approach.