Founded in 2000 by Mr Hiroki Nakamura, visvim has a strong focus on craftsmanship and carefully sourced materials. Influenced by global travel, especially classic Americana and Native American style, each impeccably made piece is packed with character.
30 results
Visvim Achse Jacket
$23,500.00 MXN
Visvim Slim Chino Beige
$9,750.00 MXN
Visvim Big Border Tee
$11,000.00 MXN
Visvim Motorcycle Sweater
$17,500.00 MXN
Visvim High-Water Beige
$9,750.00 MXN
Visvim High-Water Navy
$10,400.00 MXN
Visvim Crew Neck Sweater
$18,000.00 MXN
Visvim Slim Chino Navy
$10,500.00 MXN
Visvim Ballistic Burgundy
$15,500.00 MXN
Visvim Ballistic Navy
$15,500.00 MXN
Visvim Zermatt Boots Folk
$23,250.00 MXN
Visvim Foley Folk White
$15,500.00 MXN
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