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Iron Heart

14oz Double Cloth Western Shirt Indigo

14oz Double Cloth Western Shirt Indigo

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Upon first glance, this classic western cut could easily be mistaken for a lined shirt. But, in fact it’s constructed from a double weave cloth. Producing double weave cloth is a complex process which involves intricately weaving two separate sets of warps and wefts on the same loom, to create a fabric with two distinct faces. Woven on a dobby loom to create a more pronounced texture, this particular double-cloth utilises a cotton / poly / acrylic blend.


  • Made In Japan
  • Western Shirt
  • 14oz Japanese double-faced cloth
  • Double-woven
  • 75% cotton / 15% poly / 10% acrylic
  • Face of the fabric is Supima cotton rope dyed with pure indigo - will fade with wear and washing
  • Tonal stitching
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