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Coniston Dark Brown Scotch Grain, Dainite Sole

Coniston Dark Brown Scotch Grain, Dainite Sole

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Coniston, a higher leg derby boot with a straight toe cap. Made from rugged dark brown rough-out suede with Dainite rubber soles with a storm welt for added water resistance. From the Men's Main Collection.
Rough-out suede is a material that ‘roughs-up’ during wear. Over time, it takes on a rugged, worn aesthetic which makes it our most casual material in the collection. If left uncared for, you will find it lightens and continues to become rougher in look and feel. However, rough-out suede very much benefits from an annual covering in dubbin to uphold its water resistance.


  • FITTING: E (Standard)
  • LAST: 325
  • SOLE: Dainite Rubber
  • Sizing: UK English
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