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Live, Love, Laugh Panama Notebook Bright Emerald

Live, Love, Laugh Panama Notebook Bright Emerald

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The Panama pocket notebook is handcrafted in England using the finest crossgrain leather. Inspired by the Panama diary invented in 1908, this notebook is lightweight, portable and will make the perfect gift or travel companion.


  • Bright Emerald green pocket notebook bound in crossgrain lambskin
  • 128 leaves of gilt-edged, pale blue Featherweight paper
  • Made in England
Panama Cross Grain Leather

The Panama leather has become a Smythson icon, borrowing its telltale cross grain texture from our famous Panama diary, designed by Frank Smythson in 1908. Lightweight, flexible and hard-wearing, just like its namesake, this calf leather beautifully combines form and function.

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