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Porter Flex 2Way Tote Bag Gray

Porter Flex 2Way Tote Bag Gray

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The "PORTER FLEX" series, which is compact and has excellent portability, can be used in all aspects of life.

The main material is a light and tough nylon ripstop fabric, also known as parachute cloth. By weaving thick nylon threads in a grid pattern, it has a tear-proof effect that tears do not spread easily even if a hole is opened, and it is a fabric used for military equipment ponchos and outdoor wear. In order to make the best use of the foldable packable specifications, we did not dare to provide three-dimensional pockets, and by using plastic instead of metal for various parts, we made it conscious of flat design and light weight. A reflector material is used for the name tag to make it a design point.

The items to be developed are made up of all military motifs, which is different from the packable bags in the world. Special military features such as the 2WAY tote bag and helmet bag used by Air Force pilots, the Bonsack and duffel bag for storing and carrying equipment, and the 2WAY shoulder bag inspired by his amunition bag that carries bullets and other items. Although it has been transformed into a sophisticated design, it is easy to match with any coordination.


Front: Nylon Ripstop (acrylic coating)

Back: Nylon Ripstop (acrylic coating)


All sizes in CM

Wide 42
Height 44
Depth 1



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